To us, nothing is more satisfying than stepping back to review our day's work - be it a painted finish emulating marble, or a gold leaf installation - and feeling the sense of pride that accompanies one's best work.

We are a group of highly-skilled artisans, led by Darren Franks, who are schooled in the traditional techniques and methodologies in the field of the decorative arts.

Although local work is frequent, diverse and rewarding, we go where the work is, which sometimes includes overseas.  In addition to a multitude of local residential and commercial projects in varying sizes, in 2014 DF&A completed an extensive series of painted finishes, glazes and gilding throughout a 50,000 square foot private residence in Westlake Village, California, and a combed Venetian plaster finish in a contemporary townhouse in Tribeca, NYC.



We have recently completed collaborating with KELLY WEARSTLER on a line of artwork, presently on sale at BERGDORF GOODMAN and at Kelly's Flagship LA store, and are in the finish development stage for projects in Seattle, Austin, and New York City.  Additionally, we are making bespoke artwork for all suites at large Hollywood hotel.



Painted finishes -- Furniture finishes, glazes, strié, faux bois (false wood), faux marble, and automotive (lacquer);

Lime plaster finishes --  All of the classic, timeless techniques, in addition to our own uniquely contemporary expressions in Venetian plaster, French Stuc Pierre, and other veneer plasters;

Artwork -- Choose to purchase from one of our existing pieces, or commission an individual piece or series of artwork to be created exclusively for you in our studio.

Gilding -- Gold, silver and composite leaf for all surfaces including for furniture and sculptures.

Murals -- A broad range of techniques and styles, from traditional and landscape, to Pompeian frescos, grotesques, trompe-l'oeil, and contemporary.  Our muralists paint on muslin or directly on-site.